What is Derm for Primary Care?

Derm for Primary Care® is a digital learning platform developed for primary care providers that teaches how to identify, diagnose and treat common skin problems that routinely present to a primary care practice.

Why learn dermatology as a primary care provider?

Growing Need

Dermatologists are increasingly in short supply in the United States. Only 3.6 practicing dermatologists for every 100,000 residents.

Bridging the Gap

Most primary care providers do not receive adequate, standardized dermatology training in professional schools so there are often gaps in their overall knowledge and skill sets.

Treat don't Refer

Pursuing additional dermatology training that focuses not only on diagnosis and treatment enables primary care providers to treat their patients instead of sending them away.

About the program

Derm for Primary Care is created by the foremost experts in the field of dermatology.

Dr David E Kent, MD

Derm for Primary Care was developed by David Kent, MD, a board certified dermatologist with a passion for teaching. He has served on the teaching faculty at the Medical College of Georgia - Georgia Regents University and Mercer University Medical School for over two decades.

Dr. Kent has performed over 33,000 Mohs surgery cases for skin cancer. He is one of a select number of program directors in the U.S. for accredited ACGME Procedural Dermatology fellowships charged with teaching the next generation of Mohs surgery and reconstruction.

Dr. Kent has a passion for clinical dermatology and dermatologic surgery and has been involved in teaching residents and medical students, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners for more than 20 years.


Learn to think like a Dermatologist

In addition to giving you the knowledge, Derm for Primary Care also teaches you how to approach and solve a problem like a dermatologist.

Program Features

Our system learning is integrated with the ACGME institutions.

Learn on the go! We provide self-paced learning with easy access from your mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

We focus on relevant epidemiology and key disease findings.

Our courses provide access to 23 CE credit hours (1 per module). Learn More.

We provide key medical knowledge for best triage methods.

Our patented platform includes HD procedure and theory videos and a data bank of over 5,000 images.

We provide real life patient examples to teach how to develop treatment plans and adjust to progressing conditions.

We provide advanced instructor management tools with analytics on member progress. Learn More.

Clinical Insights

Our courses use pattern recognition and key diagnostic clues for common skin diseases.

We teach you important principles with specific treatment plans, to recognize when a plan is not working and how to progress forward.

Learn how to distinguish between similar conditions using our clinical examples with patients of all skin types and diversity.

Master common office procedures, such as skin biopsies and cryosurgeries.

Learn to manage patient expectations and improve outcomes. Know how to educate patient and family education to reduce future disease recurrences.

Why it works?

Derm for Primary Care is created by practicing dermatologists and is oriented towards practical training that can be applied in the real world.

Learn key visual features

Dermatology is a discipline driven by visual physical examinations, rather than by a patient’s history. Most non-dermatologists lack the training to correctly identify the visual cues necessary to make the correct diagnosis. Derm for Primary Care’s teaching model stresses pattern recognition and primary lesion identification for accurate diagnosis. Through visual learning, primary care providers will view examples of patients at various presentation stages in the development of a skin disease. This learning system will allow the primary care provider to “think and diagnose” like a dermatologist, not just memorize a set of pictures for certain diseases.

Train for the Most Common Problems

This program emphasizes and illustrates management of the most common skin conditions that present on a daily basis. Clinical scenarios that highlight typical, recurring presentations of common problems are presented for each training topic, and management guidelines along with specific recommendations for these problems are stressed.

Prepare for the Tougher Cases

Derm for Primary Care emphasizes key management decisions and potential pitfalls when approaching dermatologic care, and explores how to manage patients when they do not improve initially or have an adverse event from therapy.

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