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Dermatologists are increasingly in short supply in the United States. Only 3.6 practicing dermatologists for every 100,000 residents.

Most healthcare providers do not receive adequate, standardized dermatology training in professional schools so there are often gaps in their overall knowledge and skill sets.

Pursuing additional dermatology training that focuses not only on diagnosis and treatment enables healthcare providers to treat their patients in-house instead of sending them away.



Derm for Primary Care is created by the foremost dermatology experts and educators.

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David E. Kent, M.D.
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Jason M. Cheyney, PA-C
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Kayla McNiece, M.D.
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Sean McGregor, D.O.


Stay up to date on your derm knowledge with constantly updated modules, quizzes, clinical scenarios, and articles.

Created by dermatology experts from various professions and backgrounds to create a complete picture and showcase practical skills.

Learn important principles with specific treatment plans, ways to recognize when a plan is not working, and what to change and why.

Learn how to distinguish between similar conditions using our clinical examples with patients of all skin types and diversity.

Master common office procedures, such as skin biopsies and cryo surgeries and gain the confidence to start carrying them out.

Our patented platform includes HD procedure and theory videos and a data bank of over 5,000 images.


Derm for Primary Care is created by practicing dermatologists and is oriented towards practical training that can be applied in the real world.

Learn Key Visual Features

Dermatology is visual discipline. Our teaching model stresses pattern recognition and primary lesion identification for accurate diagnosis. The provider will learn to "think and diagnose" like a dermatologist.

Train for the Most Common Problems

This program emphasizes and illustrates management of the most common skin conditions that present on a daily basis. Clinical scenarios that highlight typical, recurring presentations of common problems are presented for each training topic, and management guidelines along with specific recommendations for these problems are stressed.

Prepare for Tougher Cases

Derm for Primary Care emphasizes key management decisions and potential pitfalls when approaching dermatologic care, and explores how to manage patients when they do not improve initially or have an adverse event from therapy.

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