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How to comment on DFPC

We welcome thoughtful and civilized discussion. The DFPC editorial team reserves the right to edit or delete comments as we see fit, without explanation.

Here's what your comment should look like:

  • Add smart, relevant ideas that expand on the premise - read/watch/listen to the content before your comment
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  • Any combination of the above

Certain comments may not be posted or may be deleted after they are posted, subject to our decision.

Here are some examples (not comprehensive, but you'll get the idea) of types of comments that'll ensure your comment will get deleted and ensure you can no longer comment:

  • Threats to other learners
  • Racist or obscene nastiness
  • Comments that demonstrate you didn't read, watch, or listen to the content.
  • Comments that simply restate or repeat information from the content and do not carry the conversation forward.
  • Off-topic personal or professional rants
  • Any form of defamation
  • Comments that outright provide answers - help other learners arrive at an answer by themselves
  • Comments that contain any confidential or proprietary information


The best way to learn is by conversing with other learners and engaging with the material. When you interact with others on our platform:

  • Anything other commentators post solely reflects their opinions and does not reflect DFPC's opinions
  • Anything that you post is available to the public, and anyone may use information that you post beyond our control
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  • Neither we nor our affiliates and representatives are liable for any community content

And that's it. Simple, right?

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